photo by Nick Fraser

Rob Clutton is a bass player who works in the spaces between composition and improvisation, in collaboration with musicians, dancers, theatre and performance artists. Rob composes for and performs with small groups including solo bass, The Rob Clutton Trio, Cluttertones, Sweet Session, and duo with Tony Malaby. As a creative bassist, Rob has dedicated himself to playing original music, and has toured extensively in Canada and internationally with various long-term projects including Drumheller, The Nick Fraser Quartet, Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot, Stranger Still, Steve Koven, John Millard, NOJO, and others.

Rob has also performed with international musicians such as Ray Anderson, Michael Attias, Anthony Braxton, Don Byron, Tobias Delius, Charles Gayle, Ig Henneman, Ingrid Laubrock, Joe Lovano, Isabel Roessler, Roscoe Mitchell, Roswell Rudd, and Kenny Wheeler.


Clutton composes pieces that begin with the improbable and sometimes approach the uncanny, strange states of musical mind in which the heterodox elements seem to tune calmly to a new standard.” - Stuart Broomer

— Whole Note



As a Leader 

2024 Rob Clutton Trio, Asterballoo 22, Rat-drifting
2021 Rob Clutton, Sleeping Duck Ventriloquism 
2021 Troublemaker Music of Nick Fraser, Volume 1, All-Set! Editions
2020 Rob Clutton Trio Counsel of Primaries, SBB007 
2019 Rob Clutton with Tony Malaby Offering, SBB006 
2018 The Cluttertones with Lee Pui Ming Leeways, SBB 005 
2015 The Cluttertones Ordinary Joy, Healing Power 30 
2009 Rob Clutton Suchness Monster, Rat-drifting 17 
2005 Rob Clutton Dubious Pleasures, Rat-drifting 08 
2003 Rob Clutton Band Holstein Dream Pageant, Snailbongbong 002
2000 Rob Clutton Band Tender Buttons, Snailbongbong 001 


As a member of a collaborative project 

2013 Drumheller Sometimes Machine, Barnyard Records
2012 Clutton/Michelli/West Compound Eyes, SR 001
2010 Drumheller Glint, Rat-drifting 18 
2007 Drumheller Wives, Rat-drifting 12 
2005 Drumheller Drumheller, Rat-drifting 09
2000 This Moment Beautiful Line, 9Winds
1996 Handslang Handslang, HS001


As a side person 

2023 Stranger Still The Songs Which Are, All-Set Editions
2022 Tania Gill Quartet, Disappearing Curiosities 
2021 Nick Fraser Quartet, If There Were No Opposites, Hathut/Ezz-thetics
2020 Mark Segger Sextet Lift Off 18th Note Records 
         Beth Anne Cole Perhaps the Gods of Love 
2019 Stranger Still Songs of Bread, Wine and Salt, All-Set! Editions 
         Steve Koven Trio Songs My Father Played 
2018 Roscoe Mitchell and the Montreal-Toronto Art Orchestra Ride The Wind, Nessa 
         Fides Krucker In This Body 
        Nick Fraser Quartet Is Life Long?, Clean Feed
2017 Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot Squish It!, Lumo
2016 See Through Two Slow Bend, All-Set! Editions 
         Nick Fraser Quartet Starer 
2015 Nik Beeson, Fides Krucker, Dive: Odes For Lighea 
2014 Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot Kiss The Brain, Lumo 
         Ryan Driver Quartet Plays The Stephen Parkinson Songbook, Tin Angel 
2013 Nick Fraser Quartet Towns and Villages, Barnyard Records 0330
2011 Aimtoronto Orchestra Year of the Boar, Barnyard Records 0322
2010 Eric Chenaux Warm Weather With Ryan Driver, Constellation 068; 
         Ryan Driver Who’s Breathing? Rat-drifting 20; 
2009 Anthony Braxton, Aimtoronto Orchestra Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007, Spool
2007 Sea of Song Trio Blue Boat 
2005 David Buchbinder Shurum Burum Jazz Circus 
         Josh Thorpe Flocklight, Rat-drifting 10 
2004 Steve Koven Trio All The Time In The World
2003 David Mott Quintet Eleven, Music As Energy 011 
         John Millard and Happy Day Citizens, Awake!, Festival 
         Paul Neufeld Walk Together, True North 
2002 Jazzstory Jazzstory, Guildwood 
         Steve Koven Trio Lifetime
2001 John Millard and Happy Day John Millard and Happy Day, Festival
        NOJO You Are Here
2000 Tim Posgate An Eager Leap, Guildwood