Rob Clutton

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Upcoming Shows

24 May, 10 pm: Rob Clutton Trio @ Tranzac (292 Brunswick Avenue, Toronto). PWYC

15 June: Cluttertones @ The Spice Factory (121 Hughson Street North, Hamilton)
as part of the Something Else Festival

  • About
    Rob Clutton is a composer/performer with two solo bass recordings, Dubious Pleasures and Suchness Monster, on the Rat-Drifting label. In 2015 the Cluttertones released Ordinary Joy, a recording of original compositions, on the Healing Power label. Earlier independent releases of original compositions include Holstein Dream Pageant and Tender Buttons. Rob has participated in collaborative projects including Handslang, This Moment, Drumheller, Clutton/Michelli/West, Kavli, and Sweet Session. As a side person, other long- term projects have included the Steve Koven Trio, NOJO, John Millard and Happy Day, Lina Allemano's Titanium Riot, the Ryan Driver Sextet, Pete Johnston's See Through 2, Tim Posgate's Jazzstory, Nick Fraser Quartet featuring Tony Malaby, Ronda Rindone's Quorum, the David Mott Quintet, Bill Grove Quartet, Mark Segger Sextet, AimToronto Orchestra, Shurum Burum Jazz Circus, Faint Praise, and the Winged Marsupials. Touring with these and other projects has included Europe, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Ecuador, The Caribbean, and Japan.

    As a leader
    2015 The Cluttertones Ordinary Joy, Healing Power 30
    2009 Rob Clutton Suchness Monster, Rat-drifting 17
    2005 Rob Clutton Dubious Pleasures, Rat-drifting 08
    2003 Rob Clutton Band Holstein Dream Pageant, Snailbongbong 002
    2000 Rob Clutton Band Tender Buttons, Snailbongbong 001

    As a member of a collaborative project
    2016 See Through Two Slow Bend, All-Set! Editions
    2014 Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot Kiss The Brain, Lumo
    2014 Ronda Rindone’s Quorum Gestation, Independent
    2013 Drumheller Sometimes Machine, Barnyard Records
    2012 Clutton/Michelli/West Compound Eyes, SR 001
    2010 Drumheller Glint, Rat-drifting 18
    2007 Drumheller Wives, Rat-drifting 12
    2005 Drumheller Drumheller, Rat-drifting 09
    2002 This Moment Beautiful Line, 9Winds 2000
    1996 Handslang Handslang, HS001

    As a side person
    2016 Little Annie Trace, Tin Angel
    2016 Nick Fraser Quartet Starer, Independent
    2016 R. Murray Shafer Apocalypsis, Analekta
    2014 Ryan Driver Quintet Plays The Stephen Parkinson Songbook, Tin Angel, Barnyard
    2013 Nick Fraser Towns and Villages, Barnyard Records 0330
    2013 Steve Koven Trio 20, Independent
    2011 Aimtoronto Orchestra Year of the Boar, Barnyard Records 0322
    2010 Eric Chenaux Warm Weather With Ryan Driver, Constellation 068
    2010 Jandek Toronto Sunday:Duality of Self, Corwood Industries 0803
    2010 Ryan Driver Who’s Breathing?, Rat-drifting 20
    2010 Steve Koven Trio Alone Together, independent.
    2009 Anthony Braxton, Aimtoronto Orchestra Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007, Spool.
    2009 David Mott/Chistina Petrowska Quilico Eclipse, Centrediscs
    2009 Ryan Driver Quintet Glamour, independent
    2008 Steve Koven Trio The Sound of Songs, independent
    2007 Steve Koven Trio Resurgence, independent
    2007 Sea of Song Trio Blue Boat independent
    2007 Picastro Whore Luck, Polyvinyl
    2005 David Buchbinder Shurum Burum Jazz Circus, independent
    2005 Josh Thorpe Flocklight, Rat-drifting 10
    2003 David Mott Quintet The Eleven, independent
    2003 John Millard and Happy Day Citizens, Awake!, Festival
    2003  Paul Neufeld Walk Together, True North
    2004  Steve Koven Trio All The Time In The World, independent
    2002 Jazzstory Jazzstory, Guildwood
    2002 N.O.J.O. with Don Byron Highwire, True North
    2002 Steve Koven Trio Lifetime, independent
    2001 John Millard and Happy Day, Festival
    2000 Steve Koven Trio Not By The Elbows, independent
    2000 Tim Posgate An Eager Leap, Guildwood
    1998 NOJO with Don Byron You Are Here, True North
    1997 Steve Koven Trio Live At The Senator, independent
    1996 NOJO FireWater, independent
    1995 NOJO N.O.J.O., independent
  • Bass Alone
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    1. Taken Over By The Hounds Of Reason
    2. How Big Are The Dots

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    Dubious Pleasures is Rob Clutton’s solo debut on Rat-drifting.  It's a solo string bass album and also a collection of nine very distinct compositions.

    “The real challenge is to create and sustain musical interest, and that Clutton does admirably, crafting a series of pieces that are as different in mood and content as they are in techniques.” –Stuart Broomer, Musicworks

    Read more at the Rat-Drifting website.
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    1. Bundle And Bear
    2. Fenugreek

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    “The second solo recording for Toronto’s Rat-Drifting label from Rob Clutton, a phenomenal bassist and a deeply engrossing performer, offers new insights into the state of the art of double bass playing. Classically trained, a respected jazz player and world-class improviser, Clutton has an original and heartfelt take on music and performance. In a word, deep.” - Gordon Allen, The Mirror

    Read more at the Rat-Drifting website.

    Full albums available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp

  • The Cluttertones
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    1. Webbed
    2. Bison

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    The Cluttertones are Lina Allemano (trumpet), Rob Clutton (bass, composition), Ryan Driver (human voice, analogue synth, piano), and Tim Posgate (banjo, guitar). The group has been playing together for nearly a decade, and each of the members have long associations with the others in various projects. This music plays at the edges between known/unknown, concrete/abstract, solo/group, expression/process. Drawing from a broad range of experience—which includes jazz, European classical music, electronica, improvisation, folk, singer-songwriter, experimental—the Cluttertones play what some have called “otherworldly chamber music.”

    “The Cluttertones trade in a sort of weirdness and beauty you’re very unlikely to have encountered before—even if you’re familiar with its constituents’ back catalogues. Ordinary Joy feels elusive and intangible at first, leaving the listener groping for syntax. One’s second listen, however, yields an impression of warm familiarity, albeit with no shortage of tangles and kinks.” - Nick Storring, Musicworks

    Ordinary Joy is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp

    Connect with Rob and The Cluttertones on Facebook:

  • The Rob Clutton Band
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    1. Cranberry Bog
    2. Trio Series

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    “A mix of composition and improvisation, meditative moods and fractal bursts worthy of its Gertrude Stein inspiration (“Act so that  there is no use in a centre”), this is at once document, signpost and fossil.” – Carl Wilson, Globe And Mail
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    1. Andante
    2. Moderato

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    “There are no tunes explicitly about cattle here, but much of Holstein Dream Pageant is as wide-open as a country field. There's an intriguing looseness to the jazz-based music Toronto bassist Clutton and his ensemble make, with each tune evolving as it grows.” Matt Galloway, Now Magazine

    Full albums available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp

  • Watch

    Solo at Gallery 345 in Toronto
    From "The Steve Koven Trio: An Evening Of Creativity"
    Producer: Ronald L. Grimes
    Filmmaker: Bryn Sott-Grimes

    The Cluttertones - Lion and Ant
    Choreography by Dawne Carleton
    Video by Laurie Kwasnik - ChromaSonic Pictures

Rob's work has been generously supported by:

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